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Stanley Meyer used the (Voltage, alone, can do work) to find a more efficient way to separate
water into its constituent gases of hydrogen and oxygen.

At the time of his discovery, before the Internet gave billions of people access to information that big Oil and other Energy interests [and the Governments they influence], could more easily control (stifle), any technology that tried to emerge at that time.
Now (2012) the same suppression activities would draw even more attention to the attempt to hide these emerging technologies.

In the approximately 1 millimeter space between these concentric 316L stainless steel tubes, 1500 VDC is applied continuously and then. additionally, 1500VAC pulses are applied at 42.8khz using a gating circuit
that turns on that AC signal in at a 600 cps rate, 50/50 duty cycle. 

Water has been broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen using static electricity. Standard chemistry books have claimed that this process requires more energy than can be recovered when the gases are burned. A newer understanding about electrostatic  covalent bond dissociation renders these beliefs and laws obsolete. 
When water is energized with its own molecular resonant frequency, such as cavitation, using a system developed by Stanley Meyer (Ohio 1980's USA) and also recently by Xogen Power, Inc., it collapses into Hydrogen and Oxygen gases with minimal electrical input power.  It has also been discovered that certain geometric structures and surface textures work better than others do. The implication is that extremely large amounts of Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel can be made to drive engines, like your car, for the cost of the water (free). Equally amazing is the fact that a special metal alloy, called Chemalloy, was patented by Samuel Freedman (California, USA) in 1957 that spontaneously breaks water into Hydrogen and Oxygen with no outside electrical input and without causing any chemical changes in the metal itself. This means that this special metal alloy can make Hydrogen from water for free, forever.

Powdered Chemalloy below is started in tubes of cool, warm and hot water, all become Hot!

In preparing the alloy of the present invention, the following metals and metal alloys are melted together in a crucible in the following proportions to provide the metallic ingredients:

Yellow brass (30% zinc and 70% copper):  8 lb
Aluminum:    8 lb
40-60 solder (40% tin 60% lead):    1.5 lb
Silver (.1%) or Nickel (0.1%):  0.1 lb
Zinc, to make up a 100 pound batch or:     82.3 lb

The chemical ingredients are next prepared in approximately the following proportions, for a 100 pound batch of the above metal ingredients:

Powdered copper slag   3.0 lb
Yellow sulphur    1.25 lb
Willow charcoal    0.75 lb
Commercial muriatic (hydrochloric) acid    0.50 gallons

The chemical ingredients are mixed together thoroughly and the acid added and stirred into the dry ingredients until a thin or watery paste-like mass is produced.

Meyer Patent verified in France by J.L.Naudin
Stanley Meyer's Original Water Fuel Cell Hydrogen Generator! \/ below

OxyHydrogen melting Tungsten rod @ 3,410 degrees Celcius! below \/
Stainless Chart\\||// below
New to science power generation method, picture below\\|//

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